My name is Cecilia Cathrine Jakobsen, I’m 25 and live in Norway.

I’ve been doing art ever since I can remember.
What inspires me? Video games and anime and other entertainment industries are a big inspiration for me. I’ve always been fascinated by history,  especially when it comes to myths and legends and even astrology. I’m also very inspired by other cultures and their art.


My educational journey has been less than ordinary. Growing up, I had a learning disability known as a working memory problem. Because of this, instead of learning things in the classroom, I was doing most of my learning in a group room. Up until 9th or 10th grade, I wanted to go back to my classroom and learn and study like my classmates up until the end of the school year, which worked out pretty well for me! When I entered high school (Videregående) I took Media and Communications where I was taught video filming and editing through Adobe Premiere, how to work with recording sound and editing, photography and editing with Photoshop and then learning graphic design classes, which were among my favorites. I was a student for 3 years until I enrolled at Noroff University and College in Kristiansand. I took one year of 3D design as a vocational student and then 3 years of Interactive Media Games for my bachelors degree. I initially thought of doing another year of vocational studies, however there weren’t enough student applicants at the time so I decided to study Interactive Media: Games. So thanks to those experiences, I’ve come a long way as a freelance illustrator and artist. 

    2018 – 2021: Noroff University, Kristiansand, Bachelor in Interactive Media – Games
    2017 – 2018: Noroff Vocational school, Kristiansand, 3D Design
    2014 – 2017: Møglestu high school, Lillesand, Media and Communications

Contact info and social media:


Deviant art: Ccjay25

Twitter: Ccjay25

Instagram: Ccjay25aa